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A Rise Above the Rest

Before I begin, to put it simply, he’s done it again.

Who’s the he, and what’s he done? Might be the follow up question from the above, well - allow me…

Dee Dixon is the designer, builder, health and safety executive, sales representative and janitor behind the DEDwood Crafts puzzle brand, and he’s about to launch a new puzzle that will further reinforce the idea that Dee is at the top of the game when it comes to original, fun, quality wooden mechanical puzzles.

The family tree

Uplift Is the name of the new sequential discovery puzzle, and takes the appearance of a cylindrical puzzle box with some nice adorning wooden features atop.

The copy I received was made from some gorgeous-shimmery Sapele and Cherry wood, and measures in at 170mm x 50mm (6.5in x 2in)

It’s always great getting a new puzzle from DEDwood, they always feel fantastic in the hand, and robust enough that I would be happy letting one of my children try and make a few discoveries without worry or fear that it would result in damage. This is no different on Uplift, the premium feel of this puzzle is practically unmatched.

Uplift’s goal Is to find the hidden compartment, and who doesn’t love a hidden compartment?!

After initial inspection of the puzzle, I immediately found something, and was ready for some super fast progress as to what this initial discovery would let me do, and how it could help me to progress with the puzzle. That didn’t happen. I found myself poking and fiddling with the puzzle for a long while before making any kind of follow up discovery, I’d say this is one of Dee’s puzzles that has quite the tricky first real step (If you’re familiar with other DEDwood puzzles, think Portal first step tricky!)

Its so shiny, you can almost see your face in it!

Once I’d discovered the first step, it opens up a whole new world on the puzzle, and I don't mind admitting it felt a little daunting, until I came to realise that everything is logical and then the appreciation sinks in. The design, the build quality, the reveal – everything just pairs so perfectly.

After a few more discoveries I was stumped again. Things move, things move back again, then they don’t move anymore. It had me going literally round and round in circles, until I really started to think as to what trickery could be at play, and after a little more puzzling I’d managed to burst through with another discovery.

Reaching the end of the puzzle is hugely satisfying and makes you really work for it, ensuring that you know exactly how everything works. There’s no fluking the solve on this one.

I really, really enjoyed Uplift, to me it feels like the love child of previous DEDwood Craft puzzles such as Bad Moon, Walter’s Radio and Angry Walter – which you’ll know if you’ve solved any of these puzzles, is a tremendous thing.

Say Cheese!

Uplift will be available for roughly $435 towards the end of August/Early September 2023 over at - It’s one not to miss and is a fantastic addition to the ever-growing collection!

Now, I need a new shelf!

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